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von Mikmar
SKU 932613AL513
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For English and Western Disciplines. The Mikmar Circle Shank is an excellent all purpose bit. It is similar to the Mikmar Short Shank Bit in function and use, but provides less leverage. The Mikmar Circle Shank Bit operates through both direct action and leverage, using a leather curb strap or curb chain. This bit offers two areas for rein placement: the upper rein slot gives you more direct pressure, and the lower rein slot, gives you the very mild function of a leverage bit, applying pressure to the mouth (bars and tongue), chin and poll areas, encouraging vertical flexion. The Mikmar Circle Shank Bit is designed to be used with double reins or a single rein alone, or a single rein with a converter. The single rein alone being the most popular rein placement. The Mikmar Circle Shank Bit provides the rider excellent communication and mild leverage.