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MM Flexion Combo Straight 525

por Mikmar
Ref. 932520AL513
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€210,00 - €210,00
Preço €210,00
Tamanho: 13,5

The Mikmar Flexion Combo is a new innovative design, based on the original Mikmar Combination Bit. Like the original, it disperses pressure to the nose, mouth, chin and poll areas and offers three areas for rein placement. However, the new Flexion Combo offers swiveling cheek pieces that function independently, with fixed purchases to ensure a steady bridle connection. The moveable cheek action aids in lifting each side of the horses shoulders and frame separately, it is excellent for achieving balance, both vertical and lateral flexion and control. The Flexion Combo is available with the Mikmar Straight or Jointed style Mouthpieces. The Straight mouthpiece provides more leverage and a solid feel. The Jointed mouthpiece affords the rider a softer more lateral connection